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Box-Type Crusher

small, medium and large models are in stock available

Feeding Size: ≤1200mm Processing Capacity: 50-400t/h

Hot model

1000×1000 1200×1200 1600×1600 1800×1800

Output sizedifferent sizes for 120 kinds of stones

  • 20-30mm

  • 10-20mm

  • 5-10mm

  • 0-5mm

Some Basic Information of Box Crusher

Box crusher is also mainly applied to the compressive strength in the upper and lower hardness of the following materials, one or two broken. Especially for mining, building materials, chemicals, metallurgical industry with the broken materials. After optimization of the design, changed the bar to control the size of the material particles, reducing the hammer in the crushing chamber of the wear and tear, so that the life of the hammer increased 4-6 times, each hammer can be broken stone 3-4 Million tons, to achieve a major breakthrough in broken technology, really achieved a multiplier effect.

Box-Type Crusher

The Main Features of Box Crusher

1.High production capacity

2.Grid size adjustable,good particle shape

3.crushed by one step, simplified the process

4.stable performance and low energy consumption

5.chassis can be reversed,convenient maintenance

6.hammer shaft installation adjustable,longer life

7.Square handle bolts, impact resistance, anti-wear

8.large feeding size,large crushing ratio,evenly discharged

Box-Type Crusher

Box-Type Crusher

The Working Principle of Box Crusher

Stone from the top of the machine straight into the high-speed rotation of the turntable, under the action of high-speed centrifugal force, resulting in high-speed impact and high-density crushing, stone hit each other, but also in the turntable and the formation of eddy motion between the chassis Repeatedly hit each other, rubbing, crushing, until crushed into the required particle size.

Model Roller Diameter(mm) Roller Length (mm) Feeding Size(mm) For The Type Of Stone Capacity(t/h) Power(kw)
700x1000 700 1000 ≤500 Pressure 300MPa Various types of stone 50-80 45-55
1000x1000 1000 1000 ≤800 70-100 75-90
1000x1200 1200 1000 ≤800 90-120 90-110
1200x1200 1200 1200 ≤900 130-160 110-132
1400x1400 1400 1400 ≤1000 190-210 132-160
1600x1600 1600 1600 ≤1000 250-300 160-210
1800x1800 1800 1800 ≤1200 300-400 210-280

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