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European Type Grinding Mill

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Feeding Size: ≤50mm Processing Capacity: 3-50t/h

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European grinding mill is to absorb the European advanced grinding technology and philosophy, with bevel gear overall transmission, internal thin oil lubrication system, curved air duct and many other improved new grinding equipment. Large production, low energy consumption, advanced production capacity of the European grinding mill to meet the customer demand for 1.6-0.045mm fine powder production.

European type grinding mill

1. Efficient

Bevel gear overall drive reduces noise and increases drive efficiency and capacity.Inner automatic thin-oil lubricating system makes better lubrication for bearings

2. Economical

Edge-replaceable shovel saves you money and frequency-control separator and cyclone powder collector ensure high capacity

3. Advanced

Arc air channel reduces energy consumption and intelligent control ensures better operation

4. Environmentally friendly

Unique air recycling system and dust collector make clean environment

The system consists of grinding mill, separator, air blower, jaw crusher, vibrating feeder, hopper, dust collector, pipe, powder collector, electric cabinet, motors, etc.

Big lump materials are crushed to required size by jaw crusher, then elevated to buffering hopper through elevator, after that fed into the mill to be ground. Materials are to be ground between ring and rollers, and move up with the air flow, those particles which cannot pass the separator will fall down and be ground again, while others will be collected as finished product. Air flow passing through separator will go to the air blower for recycling, it's a closed system.

European type grinding mill

Model Grinding Ring Diameter Main Power(kw) Separator Power(kw) Centrifugal fan Power(kw) Main Mill Rotating Speed(r/min) Feeding Size(mm) Output Size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Overall Dimension(mm)
MTW110T Ф1100 55-75 7.1-11 55-75 120 ≤30 1.6-0.045 3-10 8425x7933x8642
MTW138T Ф1380 90-110 18.5-30 90-132 96 ≤35 1.6-0.045 6-20 10920x9470x10227
MTW158T Ф1580 110-132 22-30 110-132 85 ≤35 1.6-0.045 8-28 11327x9730x9540
MTW175T Ф1750 162-200 30-45 185-200 75 ≤40 1.6-0.045 10-35 12195x9555x9916
MTW215T Ф2150 280-315 72-90 280-315 65 ≤50 1.6-0.045 20-50 12922x12810x11226

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