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High-Pressure Suspension Grinder

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Feeding Size: ≤50mm Processing Capacity: 0.4-16t/h

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High-pressure suspension grinder is developed by our Chief Engineer who devotes himself to fine powder processing for many years. It is a new type and opens a new era of high-efficiency and low energy consumption. High-pressure suspension grinder is widely used in mining, metallurgy, chemical engineering, building materials to grind finely more than 280 kinds of material with Mohs hardness less than 9.3 and the moisture content below 6%, such as barite, limestone, ceramic and slag. The granularity of finished product is controlled between 80 and 425 meshes (the minimum is 1000 meshes). And it can produce 30-80 meshes coarse powder by adding some special equipment.

High-pressure Suspension Grinder

1. Compared with other mills, its capacity increases by 10%-20% under the same power condition, and compression force of rollers to material improve 800-1200kgf under the force of high-pressure spring.

2. Size of final product can be 0.613mm (30mesh) –0.033mm (425mesh). Some can reach the fineness of 0.013mm (1000 mesh).

3. High Pressure Suspension Mill meets the requirement of national dust-dump standard.

4. The separator can be adjusted very easily.

5. The multi-class seals are adopted to keep the grinding equipment tightly closed.

High-pressure Suspension Grinder

When entering grinding chamber, the raw materials are shoveled up by the shovels and grinded between the rollers and ring; the materials after grinding are brought into the separator along with the air from the blower, and the qualified fine powder became final products and come into the cyclone powder collector, the other unqualified powder fall down to be re-grinded. The circular air returns back to the blower that the above process will be repeated, and the remaining air enters the bag filter in order to protect the environment.

Model Roller Number Roller Size(mm) Grind Ring Size(mm) Feeding Size(mm) Output Size(mm) Power(kw) Capacity(t/h) Overall Dimension(mm)
YGM-65 3 210X150 650X150 ≤15 0.613-0.033 15 0.4-1.8 4100X3300X4500
YGM-75 3 260X150 780X150 ≤15 0.613-0.033 18.5 1-3 4300X3500X5100
YGM-85 3 270X140 830X150 ≤20 0.613-0.033 22 1.2-4 5300X4100X5200
YGM-95 4 310X170 950X170 ≤25 0.613-0.033 37 2.1-5.6 7100X5900X7900
YGM-130 5 410X210 1280X210 ≤40 0.613-0.033 75 2.5-9.5 7900X8000X9700
YGM-160 6 440X270 1600X270 ≤50 0.613-0.033 132 5-18.5 12550X5700X8355

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