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PCZ Heavy Hammer Crusher

small, medium and large models are in stock available

Feeding Size: ≤1200mm Processing Capacity: 100-2500t/h

Hot model

PCZ1512 PCZ1820 PCZ1216 PCZ1220

Output sizedifferent sizes for 120 kinds of stones

  • 20-30mm

  • 10-20mm

  • 5-10mm

  • 0-5mm

Some Basic Information of PCZ Hammer Crusher

PCZ series hammer crusher is a new type of stone crusher based on PC series. With a hammer pin diameter, hammer weight, hit the line speed high significant features. With a large particle size, high crushing ratio, low maintenance costs.

PCZ Heavy Hammer Crusher

The Main Features of PCZ Hammer Crusher

1.large crushing ratio

2.convenient maintenance

3.The granularity can be adjusted

4.wear resistant and impact resistant

5.compact structure and few easy-wearing parts

6.sealed structure,less pollution and ash leakage of the machine

PCZ Heavy Hammer Crusher

The Working Principle of PCZ Hammer Crusher

The electromotor drives the rotor to rotate with high speed in the crushing chamber. The materials are fed into the machine from the upper feeding mouth and are crushed under the hitting, impacting, cutting and grinding of the hammer which is moving with high speed. On the bottom of the rotor, there is sieve plate and the crushed materials that is smaller than the screen size are discharged from the sieve plate, and the coarse particles bigger than the screen size are retained on the sieve plate to be hit and ground again by the hammer and finally be discharged from the machine from the sieve plate.

Model Specification Feeding Size(mm) Feeder Opening Size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Motor Power(kw) Overall Dimension(mm)
PCZ1308 1310X790 850X800 ≤500 100-160 132kw-4 2818×2100×2390
PCZ1512 1500X950 1200X900 ≤600 250-400 (160kw-4)*2 3220×2520×2800
PCZ1615 1500X1160 1480X1200 ≤650 400-800 (220kw-4)*2 3665×2915×3440
PCZ1620 1660X1900 2000X1200 ≤1200 800-1000 400KW*2 3500×3100×3200
PCZ1820 1800X1964 2000X1200 ≤800 800-1500 800KW-6 3474×3822×3520
PCZ2125 2100X2486 2600X1960 ≤1200 2000-3000 1250KW-6 5057×4565×4666
Model Specification Feeding Size(mm) Feeder Opening Size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Motor Power(kw) Overall Dimension(mm)
PCZ0706 700x570 618x510 ≤400 75 50-70 1950x1340x1480
PCZ0808 800x750 780x610 ≤500 132 80-100 2280x1790x1670
PCZ0910 900x1000 1070x750 ≤600 150-200 (110kw-4)*2 2600x2200x2050
PCZ1012 1000x1180 1255x810 ≤200 250-300 (132kw-4)*2 2800x2400x2300
PCZ1213 1200x1280 1350x900 ≤200 300-350 (160kw-4)*2 2970x2625x2580
PCZ1216 1270x1490 1530x920 ≤250 400-500 (200kw-4)*2 3070x2840x2580
PCZ1220 1220x1950 2000x920 ≤250 500-700 (250kw-4)*2 3080x2280x2580
PCZ1622 1580x2150 2290x960 ≤300 600-900 630kw-6 4095x3495x2960

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