PCZ Heavy Hammer Crusher

PCZ Heavy Hammer Crusher

≤1200mm Feeding Size
100-2500t/h Processing Capacity


One-time molding, no secondary crushing and shaping process is required, the cost can be reduced by about 40%, and the energy consumption is low.
The heavy-duty hammer crusher crushes the material by the collision of the high-speed hammer body and the material. It has the characteristics of simple structure, one-time forming, large crushing ratio, small product particle size and high production efficiency. It can be used for dry and wet crushing. It is suitable for It is used for fine crushing of medium hardness and brittle materials in mining, cement, coal, building materials, combustion and other departments. The hammer crusher can adjust the gap between the hammer head and the lining plate according to the user's requirements, and change the discharge particle size to meet the different crushing needs of different users, and is very popular among domestic and foreign users.


It can crush more than 100 kinds of rocks. The common discharge size is...


Reasonable gradation

Through three ingenious designs such as three counterattack zones, self-flow of finished materials, and adjustable trans-liners, the finished materials have reasonable gradation and low powder production, which can meet the diverse requirements of customers.

Easy maintenance

Eight-way hammer shaft hole, four-way spare, the body is equipped with an observation door, which is convenient to observe the operation. It is equipped with a hydraulic shaft puller, which is convenient for replacing the hammer head and hammer shaft.

Well made

All key components are protected by parts, processed by modern machinery and equipment such as gantry milling and presses, and a product technology department has been established to continuously improve processing technology and product quality.

Self-flow tank design, small powder yield

Leave a gap on the adjustable counterattack plate in the third counterattack zone, so that the material with a diameter smaller than the gap can flow out naturally, avoiding re-crushing, and greatly reducing the powder production rate while increasing the production capacity. It is an alternative to traditional Optional product for impact crusher.


The electromotor drives the rotor to rotate with high speed in the crushing chamber. The materials are fed into the machine from the upper feeding mouth and are crushed under the hitting, impacting, cutting and grinding of the hammer which is moving with high speed. On the bottom of the rotor, there is sieve plate and the crushed materials that is smaller than the screen size are discharged from the sieve plate, and the coarse particles bigger than the screen size are retained on the sieve plate to be hit and ground again by the hammer and finally be discharged from the machine from the sieve plate.

Product Photos

technical specifications

Model Specification Feed Opening Size(mm) Max Feeding Size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Motor Power(kw) Overall Dimension(mm)
PCZ1310 1310X1050 890X1075 ≤650 150-180 160 2950X2250X2495
PCZ1512 1500X1160 1200X900 ≤600 250-400 (160kw-4)*2 3220X2520X2800
PCZ1615 1675X1510 1480X1200 ≤650 400-800 (220kw-4)*2 3665X2915X3440
PCZ1620 1660X1900 2000X1200 ≤800 800-1000 400KW*2 3500X3100X3200
PCZ1820 1800X1964 2000X1200 ≤800 800-1500 800KW-6 3474X3822X3520
PCZ2020 1920X2000 2010X1200 ≤800 1200-1600 800KW-6 4160X3920X3520
PCZ2125 2100X2486 2600X1690 ≤1200 2000-3000 1250KW-6 5057X4565X4666
PCZ3032 3000X3220 3240X1840 ≤1200 4500-6000 (1250KW-6)*2 6710X6122X6340
Model Specification Feed Opening Size(mm) Max Feeding Size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Motor Power(kw) Overall Dimension(mm)
PC0910 900x1000 1070x750 ≤150 150-200 (110kw-4)*2 2600x2200x2050
PC1012 1000x1180 1255x810 ≤200 250-300 (132kw-4)*2 2800x2400x2300
PC1213 1200x1280 1350x900 ≤200 300-350 (160kw-4)*2 2970x2625x2580
PC1216 1270x1490 1530x920 ≤250 400-500 (200kw-4)*2 3070x2840x2580
PC1220 1220x1950 2000x920 ≤250 500-700 (250kw-4)*2 3080x2280x2580
PC1622 1580x2150 2290x960 ≤300 600-900 630kw-6 4095x3495x2960
PC1826 1752X2490 2550X1080 ≤300 800-1200 800kw-6 4085X4250X3400
PC2026 2000X2490 2550X1170 ≤300 1000-1500 1000kw-6 4490X4260X3725

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