LF Series Big Cavity Impact Crusher

LF Series Big Cavity Impact Crusher

0-900mm Feeding Size
100-580t/h Processing Capacity


Large impact force, high crushing efficiency, excellent material selection and long service life
The impact crusher is named according to its working principle. It uses the principle of "stone hitting iron" to crush materials. It is a kind of crushing equipment that is finer than the jaw crusher. It is mainly used in the stone production line. 
In medium and fine crushing operations, cooperate with jaw crusher for crushing. It has the advantages of large crushing ratio and cubic particles after crushing. It is widely used in building materials, ore crushing, transportation, energy, chemical industry and other industries for medium and fine crushing materials. The size of the discharge particles can be adjusted and the crushing specifications are diversified.


It can crush more than 100 kinds of rocks. The common discharge size is...


Wide adjustment range and diversified crushing specifications

The impact crusher can adjust the size of the discharged particles by adjusting the rotor speed, adjusting the gap between the impact plate and the grinding chamber, etc., so as to realize the diversification of crushing specifications.

Energy saving and stable operation

Large feed inlet, high crushing cavity, complete crushing function, high production efficiency, stable output, energy saving and high yield.

Simple structure, easy maintenance

There are only 6 impact blow bars installed on the rotor of the impact crusher, and the blow bars can be easily replaced with special designed tools.

Consumable parts wear less and have a long service life

The wear of the blow hammer of the impact crusher only occurs on the side facing the material. When the rotor rotates, the material will fall to the surface of the blow hammer (strike surface). The back and side of the blow hammer will not be worn, even if it faces the material. There is also very little wear to the side of the material.


The material is evenly conveyed into the jaw crusher by the feeder, the material after primary crushing by the jaw crusher is sent to the impact crusher through the conveyor for secondary crushing, and the crushed material is screened by the vibrating screen to meet the crushing requirements. The required materials are output by the conveyor, and the materials that do not meet the requirements enter the impact crusher again for crushing. The entire production line of the crawler-type jaw crusher + impact crusher mobile station forms a closed-circuit system through a circular vibrating screen to realize the cyclic crushing of the materials, and the finished materials are conveyed by Machine output, continuous crushing operation.

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technical specifications

Model Feed Opening Size(mm) Max Input Size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Weight(kg)
LF150 820X980 ≤500 100-200 90-200 12000
LF250 960X1360 ≤700 200-400 180-250 17000
LF350 1050X1700 ≤800 300-500 200-400 24000
LF450 1350X1950 ≤900 350-580 220-440 29600

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