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Tire Mobile Crushing Station

small, medium and large models are in stock available

Feeding Size: 50-940mm Processing Capacity: 90-650t/h

Hot model

S-H440 S-HP100 S-HP200 S-HP300

Output sizedifferent sizes for 120 kinds of stones

  • 20-30mm

  • 10-20mm

  • 5-10mm

  • 0-5mm

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Tire-type mobile crushing plant is a new type of mobile crushing equipment, which can supply the customers the best crushing and screening solutions. Considering from the customers’ standpoint, efficiently integrates the feeding equipment, crushing equipment, screening equipment, effectively solving the site constraints of the fixed crushing plants. It not only avoids the site infrastructure, but also expands the material stack space due to the compact equipment layout. Mobile crushing plant has the obvious advantages of crushing while moving, winning more and more customers’ recognition, Mobile crushing plant is divided into mobile jaw crusher plant, mobile impact crusher plant, mobile cone crusher plant, which is widely used in the road and bridge construction, urban construction, metallurgy, energy, and other crushing and screening industries.

1.Stable performance;

2.Moving flexible and High efficiency;

3.Compact structure and occupy less space;

4.Shorter transportion time and lower installation cost;

5.Flexible parking function, quickly access to the operating mode;

6.Versatile body combining alternative equipment can meet customers personalized needs.

The tire-type mobile crushing plant has the series of specifications, based on different requirements of the crushing process composed of "first crushing after  screening" or "first screening after crushing" process. The crusher which can be combined in accordance with the actual needs of coarse crushing or fine crushing, can also be combined into coarse screening ,medium screening and fine screening system with high flexibility, can meet the needs of different customers.

Tire Mobile Crushing Station

The Standard Model Corollary Equipment Corollary Equipment Overall Dimension(mm)
Mode Feeding Size(mm) Processing Capacity(t/h)
S-CS75 3YZK1848 CS75 ≤160 59-163 12600×2800×4400
S-CS110 3YZK1860 CS110 ≤178 100-200 13800×3000×4400
S-CS160 3YZK2160 CS160 ≤188 132-253 13800×3000×4400
S-CS220 3YZK2160 CS220 ≤230 215-330 14500×3000×4500
S-HQ300 3YZK1848 SHQ300 ≤160 65-168 12600×2800×4400
S-HQ400 3YZK1860 SHQ400 ≤230 105-205 13800×3000×4400
S-HQ500 3YZK2160 SHQ500 ≤240 180-290 14500x3000x4600
S-H420 3YZK1848 SH420 ≤240 85-170 12600×2900×4400
S-H430 3YZK1860 SH430 ≤360 120-345 13800×3000×4500
S-H440 3YZK2160 SH450 ≤450 255-605 14800×3200×4600
S-HP100 3YZK1860 SHP100 ≤140 75-140 13800×2900×4300
S-HP200 3YZK2160 SHP200 ≤185 145-250 14200×3000×4500
S-HP300 3YZK2160 SHP300 ≤230 220-440 16500×3200×4600
S-PF1214 3YZK1860 PF1214 ≤300 100-200 14500×2900×4500
S-PF1315 3YZK2160 PF1315 ≤350 130-280 15200×3000×4500
S-PF1320 3YZK2460 PF1320 ≤500 180-400 15200×3000×4500
S-S1860   3YZK1860 ≤400 65-586 10500×2700×4200
S-S2160   3YZK2160 ≤400 81-720 10500×3000×4500
S-S2460   3YZK2460 ≤400 100-810 10500×3200×4500

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