How many specification of the crushed stone?

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Our nation is paying more attention to the building construction in recent years, so the amount and quality of the aggregate can make a difference to the whole market of the building materials, but the economical profit becomes less and less because of the rapid loss of the natural sand, that is the reason why more and more manufacturers begin to focus on the artificial aggregate processing.

Some common aggregates includes 05, 12, 13, 24.

05 is standing for the fine aggregate, whose size is 0-5mm, namely being called sand.
24 is pointing to the aggregate whose diameter is 10-15mm.
13 is 16-31.5mm
12 is 10-20mm

The aggregate also includes the other specification such as 46 whose diameter is between 15-20mm.

Those aggregate above on can be applied in building construction, concrete mixing station, railway, roads and so on.

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