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European version coarse grinding mill is into the construction waste recycling processing plant, the infrastructure is in full swing, and was followed by endless construction waste disposal, events headache, the European version of the coarse grinding to solve this puzzles, construction waste shipped after the first picked wood, steel, wire, etc., and then broken twice, then add adhesives, construction waste through the European version of the coarse grinding forming, heat setting, it becomes a building brick.

This is equivalent to an ordinary piece of brick red brick size 6 is tenon structure, when no cement walls, can be like Lego-like assembly of direct fight inserted.

Building waste brick equipment accounts for an effective solution to the land, pollute the environment and other issues; also can effectively resolve the current production of a large number of red brick clay destroyed fertile land, a lot of burning issues such as air pollution, the European version of coarse grinding and thus promote building Wall materials production optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, to achieve the production technology industry big leap.

The following benefits of selecting building waste European version coarse grinding mill:

European version coarse grinding mill using discarded waste (fly ash, construction waste, industrial tailings, industrial waste, etc.) as a raw material, effectively increases the recycling rate of waste, save a lot of land resources, to achieve the effect of reproduction.

Building waste brick not only protects existing land resources of China, while reducing the cost of production reason loved by the people, not only depends on the technical advantages and production processes, but also influenced by national policy.

The Equipment Used in the Production Line

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