the sand making machine has specific request for lubrication oil

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The sand making machine is suitable for crushing medium-hard and super-hard materials, and it is widely used for crushing all kinds of rocks, cement, iron, artificial sand and stone and abrasive- resisting materials.

sand making machine

The lubricant oil is indispensable goods for the maintenance of sand making machine. So how to select suitable lubricant oil ? The most effective way to do so is according to the concrete conditions.

the temperature of the oil during the working process is relatively high, so it requires that the lubricant oil has higher heat stability and resistance to oxidation.

Because the environment of the sand making machine operating is very bad, there are a lot of dust and water; the lubricant will inevitably be polluted by these impurities, so that the lubricant oil has to have better antirust function, corrosion resistant and anti-emulsification property.

The important parts of sand making machine are made of steel, therefor, the lubricant oil need to has the special feature of metal passivation and has a good adaptability to the sealing material.

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