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Zhengzhou shibo Group to illustrate the relationship between the crusher price and maintenance costs, in the time of use of impact crusher, there are many users complain of its annual maintenance costs are too high to produce, how to drop it? We first need to know clearly the reasons for the costs incurred, and then targeted to be adjusted, by the survey: mainly hammer, liner plate, frame will be wear and tear, to bring some of the maintenance costs, then how can we reduce their maintenance costs? Shibo machinery gives the following summary:

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1. In order to extend the lifespan of hammer, we need to rely on standardized operations and improve the quality of wear parts, so use a good quality hammer is the most direct and effective means of impact crusher saving maintenance costs. In addition, the impact crusher hammer can be used to adjust the direction, the hammer can be used for a period of time when the state does not frayed or worn when slight change to the other side can use, like this exchange operations specifications, which is a small way to extend the life of the hammer.

2. To liner for quick fixes, when the lining wear, our approach can be used to repair welding, using more wear-resistant welding rod cover, increase the degree of wear-resistant liner surface, this may be extended liner life cycle, and the use of welding to repair cheap affordable price than the liner replacement.

3. The rack to choose one piece, so you can avoid the junction of serious wear and tear phenomenon.

Using the above method can greatly reduce the impact crusher maintenance costs, over time, can save a lot of expenses for the enterprise, wealth is accumulated bit by bit, as long as we usually pay attention to the details of the start, develop good habits, reduce maintenance costs is not difficult.

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